Torus - 2015


After a great season presenting their first release to the world  - the album "Pulsares" - with concerts in Maceió, São Paulo and New York, the super complete duo formed by the singers, composers and multi-instrumentalists Ana Galganni and Júnior Bocão have started their second gestation: the album TORUS, that has came to the world by a successful crowdfunding campaign made on March/April 2015. 

Following the atmorphere of Pulsares - which means the collapse of dense neutron stars, a phenomenon as well known as "supernova" - their second release explores the concepts linked to the Universe and cosmic energy. "We chose talking about these themes because they inspires us and we really like to research about that. In a certain way we reflect the search of many people to the knowledge and our music is totally imersed in these concepts", says Ana Galganni.

According to the duo, the name "Torus" was chosen from the songs birth process: "The compositions popped up naturally, they were written very quickly". Torus is the energetic pattern that is found in nature and exists everywhere, from atoms to galaxies. "Differently from Pulsares, our second album is more organic and we explored new possibilities with different instruments. The new songs are made to dance and the lyrics says about Platonic solids, Sacred Geometry, the Flower of Life, the Universe and other concepts. We made a precise observation of outer world that makes influence in the inner world that consequently will transform the outer world and so on", explains Júnior Bocão.

The album has the collaboration of various musicians from Brazil like Wado (composer, singer), the bassists Lee Marcucci (Tutti-Frutti, Rita Lee, Rádio Táxi), Pedro Baldanza (O Som Nosso de Cada Dia), Bruno RibeiroVinicius Junqueira (Os Mutantes), the singer Esméria Bulgari (Os Mutantes), the singer and composer Luís Nenung (Os The Darma Lóvers), the great drummers Carlos Bala (Djavan) and Leandro Amorim, the classical percussionist Augusto Moralez, the rapper Vitor Pirralho, the percussionist Luciano Brandão, the drummer, percussionist and producer Sonic Jr, the guitarrist Marco Túlio Souza and musicians from different parts of the world, like the singer and violinist Hanna Piranha (London), the drummer Jason Meekins (Texas), the trumpetist Matt Giella (New York), the singer Élan Noelle (Washington), the trombonist and composer Ross McCrae (Scotland) and the singer and composer Chris Cummings (Canada).

Just like Pulsares, Torus was mastered in Abbey Road Studios by Frank Arkwright, that is considered one of the best professionals in the world. He has mastered the records of bands like Coldplay, New Order, Oasis, Emilie Simon, Belle and Sebastian, Fatboy Slim among others. All drawings was made by Ana Galganni, photos by Roberto Fernandes and graphic design by Bruno Clériston.

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Pulsares - 2014


A pulsar is a highly magnetized, rotating neutron star that emits a beam of electromagnetic radiation. (…) Neutron stars are very dense and have short, regular rotational periods. This produces a very precise interval between pulses that range from roughly milliseconds to seconds for an individual pulsar. Pulsars comes from the explosion of a massive star at the end of life, a phenomenon called supernova. (source: Wikipedia).

The title "PULSARES" makes a analogy with the sonorous caldron proposed by Divina Supernova in their first studio release. With a esthetics that mixes the pulse of electronic beats with influences of brazilian music, the album presents modern and delicate songs - an experience made at the Divina Home Studio, where Ana Galganni and Júnior Bocão were able to give vent to their ideas and wishes.

Produced by Júnior Bocão, the album brings in its twelve songs the participations of special guests, like the musician and producer Alvinho Cabral (Fino Coletivo), that played guitar in "Coisas Sobre Ela" and the keyboardist Leonardo Luiz (Mopho and Messias Elétrico) that plays also. Sonic Jr. co-produced the track "O Texto, o Conto e o Canto". Marco Tulio Souza (Mopho) played acoustic guitar in "Instigação" and electric guitar in "Revenge!". Félix Baigon played the acoustic bass in "Ao Ver O Mar", song that has the piano of Billy Magno, the trumpet of Nataniel Oliveira and the drums of Leandro Amorim. The keyboardist and producer Dinho Zampier played in "Mundo Novo" and is composer of "A Romã". The accordionist Mathieu Lebreton plays in "Valsa das Estrelas" and Paulinho Pessoa played guitar in "Sonhos de Liberdade".

"Pulsares" has the graphic design signed by Bruno Clériston, photos of Felipe Brasil and Alexis Limousin, was mixed by Júnior Bocão and mastered by Frank Arkwright (Abbey Road Studios, London).

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